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Thanks for the interest in my work!

​ A 'Jill of all trades', I can provide my own makeup/hair/wardrobe styling for our shoot, if requested. Though, I always welcome the chance to work with other artist as well.




♠Age: Over 18

♠Height: 5'3

♠Measurements: 36-27-38

♠Hair color/length: Natural hair is dark brown, slightly lower than waist length. However, I have many naturally convincing wigs in all lengths/cuts/colors that can be used.

♠Tattoo: 2 medium sized tattoos. One on left hip and upper back/neck area. Can be concealed by posing/makeup/clothing/hair style.

♠Body Mods: 1 industrial piercing R ear

3 regular sized earring piercings in each ear

1 nose piercing- R nostril (tiny stud)

1 labret piercing (under bottom lip)

*All piercings can be removed with prior notice.